At some point, we all do this mistake, now you asking me what mistake? It is to not understanding what is the difference between Trying and Doing. And this is one of the most widely done mistakes in the world, just kidding. Let’s come to the point. Have you ever fell to just do the thing you want not just trying to do it.

I know its a bit confusing for some people but it is very important to know the difference between trying and doing. Let’s take an example, Do you ever try to write a blog, or you do it? Do you ever try to make a site, or you do it? So, now I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

Difference between Trying and Doing

So, I know most of you see Star Wars or maybe you love Star Wars, and you even heard of Yoda, a character of Star Wars saying that “Don’t Try, Do or Do not. There is no Try“. I included this line and Yoda from Star Wars in this post because this blog post originates from them.

What is the Difference between Trying and Doing 1

If you trying something, let’s say you want to make a body, or just want to make abs, so what you are trying to do, is you are just trying, you are just thinking to do that thing not doing that thing. If you just telling yourself I will give it a try or I will try to do it, then you are not on the right path. You are just giving yourself hints to do the thing you want. You are not doing it.

Why Doing is the Best Option

What is the Difference between Trying and Doing 2

Let’s talk about why Doing is the best option and trying is just another thing which you don’t have to do. If you are trying you are not doing it you are just trying to do it. Let’s take an example of this, I will tell you to, try to turn on the computer, what you will do you will either turn on the computer or you get confused. Now, let’s say I will give you another example in which I tell you to, turn on the computer, you will just do that.

Now by those examples, I want to convey to you that, you can just do a thing or you can’t do that thing, there is no trying in between. You will automatically understand these by the examples I gave you above.

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How to Change Trying to Doing

What is the Difference between Trying and Doing 3

1. Always Say, “I will do”: By this, I meant to say that Always Say I will do and never say that I will try because if you say that you are confusing yourself and actually you are not doing that thing which is not good. Try is just a not worthy word which we should use in our vocabulary.

2. Do it or Not Do it: By this, I meant to say that just do the thing you want to do or just not do the thing, there is no try in between this. You don’t have to pretend something you can’t do.

3. Never Compare Trying and Doing: You should never ever compare trying and doing because both are really different things and give very different results in the end.


Always say, I will do, never say I am trying, it will always give a different outcome you don’t want. I hope now you understand what is the Difference Between Trying and Doing. If you like this post, share it with your friends and family so they can also know about the most important thing which is Doing and Trying.