Many of you get really excited by just hearing the name of Skydiving because everybody knows there is so much fun to do it. Still, not anyone who is just sitting in a home and thinking to do it can’t do it in real life because it is not only fun, but it is hazardous too. So, if you are interested in Skydiving, How to be a Skydiver, What are its requirements, How much does a Skydiving Instructor Make and everything about it, So, stick till the end of this post because I will explain everything about Skydiving.

This post is going to be very interesting because it is all about skydiving and how much does a Skydiving instructor make. This post will teach you everything about this sport or career. But please make it in your mind that it is not so easy to be a skydiving instructor as it requires years of training and work. But no problem. If you don’t want to be an instructor, you can just perform do it anyways with an already trained instructor.

What is Skydiving?

In Simple Language, Skydiving is a sport in which a person or group of persons jumps off a plane with a parachute, and proper safety gear and waits till they reach a certain height and open their parachute. This sport requires training and experience. Anybody can do it. They just need safety gear and a trained instructor. But not anyone can be a Skydiver or Skydiving Instructor as it requires lots of training and experience.

Skydiving is also known as Free Falling, and in this, performers jump off a plane from 12,000Ft to 13,000Ft (4,000m Approx.), and they do freefall for around 40-50 seconds depending upon the height of the aircraft they jump from.

What are the types of equipment used in Skydiving?

There are several types of equipment that are being used in Skydiving nowadays. All of the stuff that is used in Skydiving are mentioned below.

  • Helmet
  • Parachute
  • Altimeter
  • Googles
  • Activation Device

Now, I will explain to you more about the equipment so you will get a clear idea of what I’m talking about.

1. Helmet

As the name suggests, it is the second most important type of equipment after Parachute, in my opinion, as the parachute helps you to land on the ground. But, Hey! The helmet is essential, too, so you don’t get your head cracked if you don’t wear it at the time of Skydiving. If we talk about the real name of the helmet in Skydiving, then they called it as hats. There are two types of hats in Skydiving hard hats and soft hats.

If your budget is a bit tight, you can choose soft hat as it is cheaper than the hard one, but if you can extend your budget a bit more than you can able to choose the hard one as it is more durable and reliable.

2. Parachute

The essential type of equipment that is being used in Skydiving. There is an interesting fact about parachute that if you wear it on your back, then you can easily float in the air, but without it, you maybe can’t, I don’t know because I never did Skydiving without Parachute. Another good thing about parachute that it can automatically pull its handles if there is a malfunction happen at the time of Skydiving.

3. Altimeter

An altimeter is a tool that tells you at what altitude you are and what is the perfect time to open the parachute. It is a handy tool for Skydivers, and everybody should use it even if he is Skydiving the first time in his life.

4. Googles

Googles are also a beneficial tool in Skydiving as it not only protects your eyes from the sun at the time of skydiving, but it also gives you visibility to see around when you are floating in the air.

5. Activation Device

Activation Tool is a tool by which you can set a certain altitude to open your parachute. This is just a Set it and Forget it type of device that is used in Skydiving.

What are the Requirements to be a Skydiver?

The following things that are mentioned below are specific requirements to become a Professional Skydiver or Skydiving Instructor. All the needs mentioned below are according to USPA (United States Parachute Association).

  • Certain Education: No
  • Skydiver License: Yes
  • Needs to Complete the Instructor Rating Course
  • At least 3+ Years Experience
  • Should have done 200+ Jumps
  • Should Pass an Open Book Exam on Safety Procedures
  • Should have Good Instructor Ratings

How much does a Skydiving instructor make?

So, let’s talk about the most exciting part of the Skydiving for some people, that is How much does a Skydiving instructor make in a year? But in my opinion, the skydivers do not make that much income that we think. Let’s talk about Real Numbers; According to my Survey from a German Skydiver in 2016, I asked him how much money does he make to do a single jump, He told me that, “I make €35-€40 from a single client”.

If we estimate this, it will be roughly around $40-$45. That’s not the amount of money we are expecting from Skydivers, now let’s calculate how much money does he make in a single year if he does even two jumps in a single day he would make €70-€80 ($90) in a single day, and he would make €2,300 ($2,520), and in a year he would make €28,000 ( $30,240).

The Table below which will clear all your doubts about the income of the Skydiver Instructor makes in a Day, Week, Month, and a Year.

How Much Does a Skydiving Instructor Make

As you can see the above table, that’s not quite a lot of money if he does more jumps in a day let’s say 5 to 6 then he could make a bit more money than what he is making now.


So, here are all the things about Skydiving? What are its requirements? How much does a Skydiving Instructor Make? The data that I told that I show and told are 100% Real and is a Rough Estimate of income of a Skydiving Instructor. I hope this article taught you everything about Skydiving you want to learn. If you like it, then share it with your Friends and Family.