Are you thinking of quitting your new business or a startup just because you think you can’t do it?

The reason for this happening to you is Procrastination. Is this word new in your vocabulary, then I will explain to you what it is.

Procrastination is a feeling of avoidance of doing a specific task at a particular time. For example: Let’s say you want to learn a new skill, and you go to YouTube to find out more about that skill, but instead, you saw some Entertaining videos which appear on your screen. You are saying to yourself that I will watch those knowledgable videos later. That’s what Procrastination is.

If you started something new, let’s say ‘a new business,‘ and after opening it for 1 or 2 months, you are thinking of shutting it down for whatever reasons you have like It’s not working out, It’s hard, I can’t do it. These are the most common reasons most of us give ourselves.

How to Become a Doer and not a Quitter

Always be a Doer and not a quitter, always be ready to take action whenever required.  Don’t just sit there and overthink like crazy.

This article is all about How to Become a Doer and not a Quitter. In this article, I will give you some motivation and tell you five steps on how to become a Doer and not a Quitter.

How to Become a Doer and not a Quitter

  • Listen to Motivational Videos
  • Read Books
  • Set Goals
  • Make a Schedule Daily
  • Do things that work

1. Listen to Motivational Videos

The First and most crucial step to start something is Motivation. You need to have the motivation to do something, Go on YouTube and search for Motivational Videos; you will find tons of videos that will motivate you in every way required. If you do Gym, watch Gym Motivational Videos; if you are an entrepreneur, watch videos related to that.

I will also give you channels that make some of the best videos in this industry, plus I will provide you with a link to my favourite video in this article.

Best Motivational Channels

My Favourite Motivational Video

2. Read Books

This one is also important, and that is to Read Books Daily. Whenever you are free from your work, take out a great book of someone’s autobiography or any type of original publication and read as many pages as you can. This will increase your concentration and focus. And you don’t think to give up because books motivate people.

For great books, you can find a ton on Amazon, and I will also give you my personal favourite that I like to read in my meantime. Here they are.

My Favorite Books

  • Long Walk to Freedom
  • The Alchemist
  • Mindset
  • You are Badass

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3. Set Goals

Always Set goals, Goals are the aim of a person to get a particular result in any field or Industry. For Example: Write down in your Diary that you will be going to read this book this week.  By setting goals, you are promising to yourself that you will do this work in a certain amount of time.

Goals will help you to move forward in life. They will lead you to success. You should focus on making Goals, You can write them down in your diary or a notebook, and you can set them daily, weekly, or monthly.

4. Make a Schedule Daily

Daily, after waking up, lock yourself in your room for about 10-15 minutes, and make a schedule for that day. This will help you to guide what you have to do throughout the day, and it prevents you from getting misguided. This is also an essential step in this list. You should take out all the things from your mind and just focus on the tasks you need to complete in a day.

5. Do things that Work

To be Motivated, always do things that you know work, keep the things aside that doesn’t or will not work because that will disappoint you and demotivate you. You will never get over by making the same mistakes again and again. So, always see things with a different approach and mindset.


So, here are all the five steps of How to Become a Doer and not a Quitter. I hope you learn something new and find the motivation to do something new and exciting in your life. If you do, share this article with your friends and family.