As the title of the article suggests, anyone who stops learning becomes old, irrespective of the age. Don’t you think, from being curious, ready to learn happy kids, today we have become adults with 9-5 jobs, with very less or no time for ourselves, for our skills, hobbies, and interests, which certainly is where we are losing the opportunities to leverage what life has for us.

When you were a kid, you might have always been advised to learn new things, isn’t it? It’s not just you, but all of us have been encouraged the same. Quotes like “Knowledge is Power,” “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” all of these have been again and again taught to us. All of it because our elders, our teachers knew how learning new things could evolve a person and help them grow.

Wait, wait, before we move on, we want to clear one thing!

Do not think that by “learning,” we are referring to the standard “learning” definition, which is often tied to the formal age and classroom-based education. Here what we mean to see is acquiring knowledge or skill, be it through reading, practicing, studying, or from experience, all that matters is a new lesson that stays with you for life, and benefits you in various ways.

Still skeptical about why are we stressing so much on learning? Well, read along, and you’ll know!

Reasons to Learn Something New Everyday

How to Learn Something New Everyday

1. Knowledge is power: Right from your childhood to adulthood, one thing you might have realized is that your experience, your expertise, your skill is something that always gets you valued because that’s one thing that nobody can ever take away from you.

Everything else in our lives, money, health, everything comes and leaves. But when you know, when you’re unbeatable in something, you have the power to achieve the potential to excel.

2. Personal & Financial Benefits: Learning new things is like a new beginning that helps you grow as an individual who is mentally sharp as he attains knowledge and understands the value of his learning.

In addition to the personal benefits, being able to develop skills continuously is an asset that can always, in some or the other way, help you gain financial benefits too, as you might build both technical and soft skills that will advance your career opportunities.

3. Improve your mental ability: One of the most profound reasons of us telling you to learn something new every day is because learning something new has a very positive impact on our mental well-being, as it intrigues the brain cells to work creatively and more attentively, thus helping you increase your focus and mental ability of decision making and thinking.

4. Learning is always fun: Learning or involving yourself in something new is still exciting. And as this excitement of developing a new skill, gaining knowledge fascinates the process of learning and discovering becomes more enjoyable and rewarding.

Now that we have told you the benefits of learning something new let us walk you through the ways of how you can learn something new every day.


How to Learn Something New Everyday

1. Find your preferred learning style: Every individual has their preference when it comes to learning. Some enjoy reading, while some enjoy surfing the internet, watching videos, or listening to audiobooks, and let us tell you that knowledge doesn’t restrict a particular form of learning.

So be it written, audio, or video that suits you best will always be the best way to learn for you. So think, choose and start learning and developing new skills.

2. Commit some time for learning: We all have a schedule that we follow, like waking up, going to the office, eating food, etc., so with knowledge, the catch is to commit. Dedicate a specific amount of time daily for learning new things.

Be it a bedtime 15min quick reading to listening podcasts during your evening drive to home after office. All you have to do is to be stubborn about your time of learning, which should never be compromised at any cost.

3. Seek out for information: There’s no end to information, so seek information from a variety of sources, as our surrounding is full of new things to learn and explore, so do not restrict yourself to just one way; instead seek information irrespective of how the data is being conveyed to you. But at this moment information, we do not mean gossips, okay!

4. Internet is the best source: You might think that smartphones and the internet can just waste time, but they certainly can be a force for good if used in a better way to educate, inform, and inspire. With that in mind, start exploring the internet as the internet is a never-ending source of information, be it websites like Wikipedia, entrepreneur.

In, Forbes or apps like unacademy and udemy. You can learn anything and everything through these digital assets that are available in just a few clicks and taps.

5. Implement & Share what you’ve learned: You might have heard people saying that knowledge increases if it’s shared, so as soon as you learn something, or get to know something worth sharing, do not restrict yourself from sharing. To reinforce your skills, sharing information that you’ve gained will only give you an upper hand on your knowledge base.

Also, what you learn should be implemented in your life, as that’s the whole point of learning, because if you do not implement what you’ve learned, what’s the point of dedicating time and knowledge. So, as you plan to include learning in your daily schedule, ensure that you implement your learning in life and also share your learnings with others.

With these taught, you might now have a way better understanding of why being a part of a hectic lifestyle, learning something new every day is essential and beneficial for each and every one of us. So, stop being skeptical, take a resolution, and start learning today.


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