You are getting older and thinking about what should you do next after completing your academic studies, maybe you are also confused about getting a job or probably do something different and make a career out of it. Don’t worry because this article will clear all your doubts about Job vs Career and what should you do to succeed in your life.

What is Job?

Difference between Job & Career

A Job simply means that when you work under someone who is your boss or manager to earn an income for your basic needs of life. It can be full-time or part-time. You earn money with job-based on how much you work, maybe on an hourly basis or maybe every month. To get a job you should have a skill or know how to do a certain task.

You should apply for a job in any company you like and start working there but before starting you have to give an interview for the job and show a degree to the managers of the company.

A job can be of two types: Short-Term or Long-Term, for example, you get hired by a company to do a small task and the job is completed that’s a short-term based job, for the long-term based job you have to go to the company office and do the work they give you every day.

What is a Career?

Job vs Career: What's the Difference? 1

A Career simply means that a Long & Professional Journey which is based on your Passion or Talent. It provides you experience and fuels your energy to do more and reach your limits. You may set your goals to make a successful career. Career also provides you a network of employments than a basic job.

For Example, If you are passionate about Dance or maybe singing, so you practice daily to be successful and make this your career. Career not only provides financial support but even provides fame & pride. A Career may last as long as you live your life.

Difference between Job & Career?

There are following points which separates Career from Job, they are mentioned below:

  • A Job is something which lets you earn money to do a certain task, but a career is something which provides you the opportunity to do anything you like or passionate about.
  • A Job provides only 1 employment opportunity most of the time, but a career provides a network of employments.
  • In Job, you can do what you have said to do, but in a career, you can do whatever you like, and for how much time you like.
  • In Job, you have a fixed salary, but in a career, you don’t have a fixed income, it varies every day of every month.


Job and Career are pretty different things, some people think that job is the career but no, actually they are different in many ways, I hope this article has clarified your doubts about Job vs Career, what they are, what are the differences.

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