Everybody uses the internet nowadays. But they don’t spend their time doing useful and productive things online. Do you know that there are 100’s of Productive Websites online you can use and spend your time on them, so you are not wasting your time? But most of us don’t even know that they even exist.

But no problem, in this article I will rank the top 10 most productive websites you should use and spend your time on. These sites are highly productive and even if you use them you can also earn some money with them. I am not saying that these sites do not require hard work, yes they do and that’s the best part about them.

Top 10 Most Productive Websites

1. Udemy

Top 10 Most Productive Websites you should use 1

Udemy is an online course sharing website for adults and professional students. The site was founded in 2009 by Eren Bali, Oktay and Gagan Biyani. Udemy has currently over 50 million students enrolled in over 295 Million Courses. I included this website on this list because if you use this website you can learn anything you want whether it is a skill, software or anything.

Even the courses on YouTube are not expensive, they are pretty cheap and affordable anybody can buy any type of course he/she wants. So, that’s the first website on this list, now let’s move on to another website.

2. The Pro Hustler

Productive Websites

The Pro Hustler is our site on which we write Articles related to Productivity and Making Money. We are consistently producing more and more articles day by day so, it helps other people that how to make their life more productive and how to achieve a better lifestyle. You should definitely check out more articles on our site.

3. Lifehack

Productive Websites

Lifehack is another Productivity Blog Site that shares very useful articles about How to improve your life, Life Hacks and much more. Whenever you are free or don’t have anything to do you should definitely check out their article to spend time learning useful things. Let’s move on to another website.

4. Techish Eagle

Top 10 Most Productive Websites you should use 2

Techish Eagle is a Technology Blog site that shares useful articles about Technology. They have over 25 Articles and consistently posting new articles every week. The site was originally founded in 2017 but because of a mishappening, it was reopened in April 2019 again by its founder.

This site is worth checking out. You Should give it a try. I bet you like their content for sure.

5. Fiverr

Productive Websites

Fiverr is a Freelance Website on which you can either work or get your work done by some freelancer for a little fee. Personally, I also use Fiverr, I am also a Freelance Graphic Designer who uses this website to serve other people who require any type of graphic design and sometimes I also use this site to get my work done by any other freelancer.

You should also use this website if you are great at something or have good skills in something. This site is definitely worth checking out and you will use your time productively and also earn some money with this too.

6. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Productive Websites

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a Crowdsourcing Marketplace on which people can earn money by doing small tasks in just minutes. This website is for those who are free after doing their main work and craving to do some more work and earn money with it. And of course, this website is created by Amazon so it is definitely authentic and will also give you money in your bank account.

The website can be used by anyone on the globe except for some countries like North Korea, etc. And it is available 24X7 so you can work and earn anytime. You should definitely check out this website too.

7. Quora

Top 10 Most Productive Websites you should use 3

Quora is another great website to spend time on when you are free or bored, it is one of the most productive websites on this planet, you are thinking why? Then the answer is Yes! because this website can answer all your questions which are on your mind. So, that’s why I included this site on this list. 

8. YouTube

Top 10 Most Productive Websites you should use 4

YouTube, you heard it right, Everybody knows about this, but do you know what YouTube is more than an entertainment website where you can watch more than just entertainment or funny videos, you can basically learn anything and everything on this website. Most of us just watch videos that are funny, comedy or videos related to entertainment but we should also learn from this website because, in the end, it is all free.

YouTube has both its App and Website so, its easier for you to use it. Now, let’s move on to another website.

9. Neil Patel’s Blog

Top 10 Most Productive Websites you should use 5

Neil Patel’s Blog is a great website for you if you write blogs, or do SEO for your sites, he teaches about SEO in very simple language on his website plus he has a great tool named “UberSuggest” which is integrated on his site which you can also use for Free plus if you want the full access you can pay a short fee to access it.

Also, you can read his blogs to learn anything and everything about SEO in a short amount of time plus you are spending your time doing a productive thing. You should definitely give his website a try.

10. Medium

Productive Websites

Medium is another great blog sharing site on the internet plus you can also spend time on it to write meaningful content and contribute to the site. If you are reader maybe this website is not for you because you can’t access the full site because you have to pay a price to do that, for some people it is not worth it. But what is worth investing your time is, you can spend time creating meaningful content for the site.

It is a great site for Bloggers and it is one of the most productive websites on this list because it takes some time to get recognized on the site and also you can even get paid by writing content by Medium Partner Program, this is a program by which you can get paid via Stripe. Definitely give it a try, it is worth it.


So, here is the list of some most Productive Websites on the internet which you should definitely use to spend your free time on. I wish you learn something from this article. Share this article with your friends and family.