You may be wondering are there are any pros of Poverty or being poor? Now obviously I know there are many, many cons of poverty but what are the pros. I know most of the people thing poverty sucks because poverty means being poor and nobody wants to be poor because simply it does not makes sense. So, today in this short little article we are discussing the pros and cons of poverty.

So first I will tell you the Pros of Poverty then I will tell you the cons of poverty and after that, I will give you a short guide on how to Survive if by any chance you are poor and then I will conclude the pros and cons of poverty. So, Let’s begin.

Pros & Cons of Poverty 

Pros of Poverty

1.  You will Develop Skills

By the title, I mean that you will develop skills, Now I know some people will say what are you talking about? this isn’t possible, let me tell you my story when I have nothing and when I was broke and poor, I just learn from muy mistakes and most importantly I develop new skills which will help me in the future.

By Developing skills you will learn a lot of new things in your life which may or may not be important in your life. But remember one skill can change your life completely. And you know what, who is wealthier than you may do not have the skill which you can learn because who is rich can easily hire someone to do that work but you can’t because you are poor you have to do that thing yourself.

2. You will Learn New Things

By this, I meant to say that, when a person is in poverty or should I say when a person is poor he/she faces so many problems in their life which will teach them a lot of new things which will come handy in their life most of the time. I don’t mean to say that middle-class persons or rich persons do not learn that I am just telling my personal story.

When I was broke or poor I face so many things in my life daily which teach me new lessons and things that help me when I grow or when I started developing my life. If you are poor and broke you also face problems and learn new things that matter to person to person.

3. You will Get Productive

Yes, you will get Productive overtime, most of us do and sometimes most of us do not. That’s also a personal story experience. Now, this does not apply to all persons because everybody is different and that’s a fact. Now, you see when a person is poor and broke he/she dreams to get rich, for getting rich they started getting productive over time, they started working hard for achieving their dreams like most of us do.

Cons of Poverty

1. You are Poor

This is the most obvious point of this whole list. You are poor and broke. And that’s the biggest con of poverty. I don’t need to explain this point because you all understand what I mean to say.

2. You get Dependent

Now, this point does not apply to all but most of us do this. I am also the accused of this thing, I also get dependent on my parents for money, food and mostly everything but if we see the flip side some people get self-dependent too which is a pro obviously of being poor and broke. Now, this point comes in both the pros and cons of poverty.

If your parents are earning and you don’t, at some point you will get dependent and most of us still are which is not a good thing. We must be self-dependent over time.

3. You Get Lazy

Now, this point is also true, everybody who is poor and gets support from others whether financially or by any type will get lazy at one point. He/She gets lazy and does not want to work to get away from being poor.

How to Survive if you are Poor

Pros and Cons of Poverty

1. Get a Way Out: If you are poor and broke, you should learn something or get a job to find a way to get away from poverty. Everybody wants that but they are not taking any actions to do that and that’s a bad thing. I know it is very difficult and that’s true but once you get adapted to that, everything gets normal.

2. Get Advice: To be the man who finds a way out from struggle and poverty, you should get advice from the person who already seen everything which you are seeing now, they can be your parents or relatives or maybe your friend, you should get advice from them.


So here are the Pros and Cons of Poverty that I promise that I will tell you in this short little article. I wish you to learn something new from this. And this does not matter that you are living a rich or poor lifestyle right now, these things will definitely help you maybe today or maybe in the future.

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