Everybody struggles with running out of ideas. This happens to everybody. Let’s take an example, Let’s say you are working on your prestigious project, and you are going along, you have new ideas but then suddenly you lost and ran out of ideas which are a common thing. Then, you started searching through your previous plans, but still, you don’t get something in return.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in; the only thing that matters is Creativity. It’s how you present your ideas to others. And now you do not understand what to do; you are searching on the web that Why you are Running out of Ideas? And you came across this site. So, here is the article about 5 Reasons you are Running Out of Ideas.

Why are you Running out of Ideas?

Why You are Running Out of Ideas [5 Things to Do] 1

A person cannot run out of ideas because the more you use your creative mind, the more ideas you get. If you still run out of ideas, then my friend, you are doing something wrong. Check back the previous steps that you perform when you are gathering ideas.

As we all differ from each other, we all have different minds; each mind has their Creativity, that’s why if something works for one person, it does not mean it will work for others too.

5 Things to Do When You are Running Out of Ideas

1. Relax for Sometime

Most of the time, Stress, Tension, and Anxiety block the way of your Creativity, and if it increases over time, you can’t get new ideas, which are the main problem. So what to do? Just take some time off from work and try to reduce your stress, tension, and anxiety so you can gather more creative ideas in your mind.

You can also try Yoga, Meditation or just exercise a bit to relax your mind or you can also do the things you like, for example, Gaming, Playing Outdoor Games like Basketball, Football, Table Tennis, Tennis, Cricket, etc. You can also chat with your favorite person in the world like your Wife, Parents, Girlfriend, best friend, or whatever.

2. Remember Nothing is Original

Always remember nothing is Original. Every idea you get or every idea you found is already found by someone else. Let’s take the example of an LED Bulb. Nick Holonyak invented LED bulbs, and he got the idea from Thomas Edison, who was the inventor of the Bulb.

By the example that I mentioned above, I meant to tell you all that Creativity does not mean that we have to create something from scratch because it is the 21st century, and now nothing is new and original in this world. So, don’t waste your time creating ideas out of scratch. Take inspiration from something original.

3. Read Books

Why You are Running Out of Ideas [5 Things to Do] 2

For getting creative and amazing ideas, give something to your mind. Read books daily to get a rain of amazing ideas whenever you want to do something. Read books like Great Autobiographies, Creative idea books, etc. They will freshen up your mind and helps you get new ideas whenever you want.

4. Talk to Other People

It is always said that if you are struggling with anything, you should talk to people just like you. Whenever you run out of ideas, just find a community as same as you and talk to them for inspiration and new ideas that they have. I am not saying that just copy their ideas what I am saying. Just take some inspiration from them, but don’t them in any situation.

You can find people like you online on Facebook Groups, Forums, Reddit, etc. Group chat with them or look at their conversation and get your idea.

5. Keep yourself busy

It’s a simple way, if you keep yourself away from your work, you can’t get ideas when you need them the most and if you keep yourself busy, then the more ideas you have. It is an easy thing to do. Let’s take an example of this thing that happens to us, which is the Corona Virus Pandemic. At this time all people are in their homes.

Let me ask you a question. How much time do you work for your Business? 4, 5, 6, or less than this, if your answer is less than this, then there is no source of an idea, so always focused and kept yourself busy in your work so you can gather ideas.

We talked about Why you are running out of Ideas, five things to do when running out of ideas. And now we will talk about How to Never Run out of Ideas again.

How to Never Run out of Ideas Again

1. Get Idea from your Competition

If you run out of ideas, then no problem. In whatever industry you are less competitive or more competitive, there are always other people who are working on the same niche or topic, go through their websites or apps to get ideas of what they are doing and how they are doing. I am not saying to copy them; instead, just take a look and get inspired.

2. Look What’s Trending

Another good way to never run out of ideas is that take a look at what’s trending. It does not matter what your industry; there is always something trending in every industry. You can look through YouTube or your competitor’s website. After using this idea, you will never run out of new ideas.

3. Writing Down the Ideas

Why you are Running Out Of Ideas

Whenever you are traveling or doing whatever you do, just keep a small notebook or diary and pen with you so that you can write down your ideas at the moment they come. If you don’t follow this method, you can’t rememorize what your idea was. So, always write down your ideas.

4. Move out

Why You are Running Out of Ideas [5 Things to Do] 3

By this, I meant to say that if you can’t get ideas, there is a problem that you are sitting in one place, so what you can do is move out. If you are in your home, just go for a walk so that you can get inspired to get new ideas or if you are sitting in one room, then go to another room in your house. This can get you new ideas very quickly as this method is very effective.

FAQ on Why you are Running Out of Ideas

Q1. Can You Run out of Creativity?

No, we cannot run out of Creativity. But sometimes we get excellent ideas and sometimes we can’t get even a single idea that happens because everything in our life moves like circles and the main problem is time. So, to fix that issue, I have mentioned some methods to follow by which you will never run out of ideas.

Q2. How do you get ideas for writing?

Here are ways to get ideas for writing.

  1. Look at your competition
  2. See what’s trending
  3. Ask your audience for new ideas
  4. Read Books
  5. Talk to new people

Q3. What to do if you have no ideas?

Here are the steps to do when you have no ideas.

  1. Meditate or Yoga to Relax your mind
  2. Go Outside
  3. Take a break
  4. Do some other work
  5. Read Books


There is no fixed time when you get new ideas; you never know when they come. So, here it is the article about Why you are Running out of Ideas, five things to do at that time, How to never run out of Ideas again and FAQ on Why you are running out of ideas. I hope you like it. If you do, share it with your friends and family.

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