Most of us think that Anime is made for children, it’s just a waste of time, you shouldn’t watch it, and many different reasons exist when we talk about Anime.

When I first watched AnimeAnime when I was just a kid who was Doraemon and Pokemon, first, I feel that it’s very different from other TV Shows. Also, the stories of those are incredible and unique, which I liked the most in Animes.

After watching those animes for hours, I feel animes are not bad, that’s my choice. But some people don’t even like them; they don’t also prefer to take a look at them.

Now, let’s talk about What is Anime, Why do people Like Anime, What are the Benefits of Watching Anime, Why is Anime so Popular, and more in this article. So, read on till the end.

What is Anime?

Why do people like Anime

In simple Language, Anime means Cartoons and Animations that are made in Japan. Animes are mostly originated from Comic Books which are very popular in Japan as both kids and adults like to read them because of the unique storylines and unusual characters.

Some Animes in Japan are also made with Hand Animation, which takes a lot of time to complete, and some of them are made with computers and special effects.

Why Do People like Anime?

So, here are the 10 Amazing Reasons why do people like Anime so much.

1. Anime has a lot of variety

8 Amazing Reasons Why Do People like Anime 1

Yes, Anime has a lot of variety because a person of every age group can watch Anime as there are tons of different animes made for different types of people.

It can be Drama, Romance, Comedy, Tragedy, Action, Adventure, etc. You name it, and Anime has it. So, go and watch what you would like to attend. It will be there for sure.

2. Anime has Amazing Storylines

8 Amazing Reasons Why Do People like Anime 2

Anime has the best Storylines ever! When you are watching an anime and the storyline getting severe, then you realize that it’s unbelievable. They are unique and perfect in every single way.

Let’s take an example of Naruto, and He is a boy who lives in Hidden Leaf Village, which experiences pain in his childhood and struggles to achieve the recognition that he wants in his village and be the village leader. He has a close friend named Sasuke, which is very different from him, but still, they are close friends.

I don’t have to tell you more about Naruto because most of you know him already.  As you go on, you realize that every Anime has some unique and fantastic storyline.

3. Anime has Good Music

8 Amazing Reasons Why Do People like Anime 3

Anime will surely change your mind after you listen to their music itself and watch them making a way out of their problems. Whenever you listen and watch the Anime you will always realize how distinctive the music is, and it is not like Western music, which is not as relaxing as this music.

4. Anime is Relatable

Why do people like Anime? Most people answer this question because it is so relatable. Yes, Anime is not like Bollywood movies; it is so relatable that most of us can relate to it and can watch it countless times. Take a look at Anime like Clannad, Orange, Kokoro Connect, etc.

5. Anime is Emotional

8 Amazing Reasons Why Do People like Anime 4

As much as it is relatable, Anime is Emotional too, and some anime master this thing as they are so emotional that you can even cry while watching it. It happens with almost all people, and this happens with me also. So, that’s why I am mentioning this point in this list of Why do people like Anime.

6. Anime has Amazing Artwork

8 Amazing Reasons Why Do People like Anime 5

I don’t know what Japanese people do to make these fantastic artworks for Anime. They are exceptional and terrific. I want to know how they make such a realistic animation and artworks, so I can also start my anime channel on YouTube.

Take a look at Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Clannad, Orange, and more to know how much realistic animation and artwork they have.

7. Anime has Unrealistic Characters

8 Amazing Reasons Why Do People like Anime 6

We always watch Doraemon and Pokemon as kids and see that how Doraemon always helps Nobita in any type of situation he is and sees Ash battling with other trainers and, most of the time win all the matches with them. So, that’s the perfect example of how unrealistic and perfect the anime characters are.

8. Anime helps to Relaxing

Whenever I feel lonely and depressed, I always go and watch Anime on my PC because it’s just another world where I don’t feel alone and sad, it makes me happy and not only me but everybody who thinks like me. Some people even use it to escape the real world because they are tired of their daily lives.

What are the Benefits of Watching Anime

So, are there any Benefits of Watching Anime? Yes, it has, Here are some benefits of watching Anime.

  • You get to know about Japanese Culture.
  • You get inspired by watching those Anime characters.
  • You get motivated by Anime Characters.
  • You enjoyed watching Anime
  • You learn more about Communication.
  • You learn more about Relationships.
  • You get hope to live your life again.

So, here are some benefits that I think Anime has if we watch it. If you know some more, you can tell us those in the comment section below.

Why is Anime So Popular?

8 Amazing Reasons Why Do People like Anime 7

In my opinion, Anime is coming from many decades. It was first started in 1917 in Japan. So, the first reason would be, it is ancient. The second reason is it’s so unique and exciting to watch, that any age group person can watch it for hours. It is so popular because many people in the UK, the USA and India, and some other countries grew up watching Anime on their television.

So, here is the summary of why is Anime so popular.

  • It is up and running from 1917
  • It is unique and exciting to watch
  • It is distinctive from other types of shows
  • Many people have grown up by watching this Anime
  • It has amazing music
  • It helps people to relax and escape from the real world

Why is Anime so Distinctive?

Japanese people use hand animation, which takes days to complete one animation scene, and the storylines of the Anime are so unique and exciting.

Anybody can watch Anime as there is no particular age-group to watch Anime. Also, Anime has every type of genre, including comedy, romance, tragedy, goofy, Action, Adventure, etc. So, that’s why Anime is distinctive.

FAQ on Why do People like Anime

Q1. What is #1 Anime?

Here is the list of Best Anime that has been most-watched and rated the best.

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist
  2. Your Name
  3. Steins Gate
  4. Clannad
  5. Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal
  6. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
  7. Spirited Away
  8. Mushishi: The Next Chapter
  9. Cowboy Bebop
  10. Princess Mononoke

Q2. Is it weird to like Anime?

No, it is not. Many people around the world love anime. There is no reason to feel weird if you like Anime as anyone can watch it. It is made for everyone.

Q3. What is a Waifu?

There are two meanings of Waifu that are mentioned below.

  1. Waifu word is originated from Japan, which means “Wife” in English.
  2. Waifu is a term that is used in Anime or any related show.


So, here is the article about What is Anime, Why do people like Anime, Why is Anime so Popular and all the things about it. I hope you like this article, which is all about Anime. If you like it, then share it with your friends and family so they can also know about Why do Anime like Anime and all about it.

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